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Portland Oregon Landlord Attorney.

Is your tenant making complaints about their tenancy?  Do you need to evict a tenant?  Some tenants prove adept in gaming the system subjecting you to liability under the landlord tenant act. If you fail to handle matters with your tenant properly, your tenant may retain an attorney and charge you attorney’s fees and costs if you lose.   It is our job as attorneys to give legal advice that assists landlords to systematically adhere to Oregon’s technical legal requirements.  Take advantage of our initial consultation fee by callling  Contact Clark Law & Associates LLC. See Rates.

Common Landlord Mistakes

Landlord mistakes are generally a failure to do one or more of the following:

  1. Give proper notice under the landlord/tenant act.
  2. Properly address tenant complaints, especially complaints regarding habitability and safety.
  3. Reasonably accommodate tenants claiming disability.
  4. Properly refund deposits in a timely manner.
  5. Properly deal with tenant’s property after the tenant has vacated.
  6. Have a clear written rental agreement that comports to current Oregon and/or Portland laws.
  7. Have clear written policies that apply to all current and prospective tenants.
  8. Require adequate deposits or do background checks that apply to all applicants prior to renting.
  9. Properly adhere to the eviction process as outlined in the landlord/tenant act.

Additionally, some landlords subject themselves to liability for charging tenants for things prohibited in the landlord/tenant act or retaliating against a tenant who makes a governmental complaint.

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