Landlord Legal Issues

Portland Oregon Landlord Legal Issues

ORS 90.255 allows for reciprocal attorney fees in Oregon Landlord/Tenant cases.  This means the losing party in any lawsuit under the landlord/tenant act can be responsible for thousands of dollars in attorney fees and costs.  Thus, it is important to follow not only Oregon landlord/tenant law but Portland statutes.  Problems can be prevented as follows:

  • Create and follow a non-discriminatory and consistent application process.
  • Written rental agreement which comports to current Oregon and/or Portland law depending on your jurisdiction.
    • The rental agreement should also include any required rules.
  • Make sure the rental unit is habitable and otherwise in good condition upon renting the unit.
  • Maintain the rental unit during the tenancy.
  • Enforce all rules in a fair and non-discriminatory manner.
  • Follow the Oregon and/or Portland statutes for all notices.
  • Follow all Federal Accommodation laws.
  • Return all deposits in accordance with Oregon law.
  • Document everything in writing and/or photograph/video.
  • Be professional.

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