2015 Landord Law

2015 City of Portland, Oregon, Landlord/Tenant Changes

No-Cause Evictions:  Portland, Oregon, recently implemented a 90-day notice requirement for no-cause evictions that took effect November 13, 2015. There is an exception for week-to-week tenancies and when tenants occupy the same dwelling unit as the landlord. See Portland City Code 30.01.085(B).  This law should be challenged as a preemption of state law.  However, until there is an appellate ruling on this matter, our advice is to follow Portland, Oregon, law.

Rental Increases:  In month-to-month tenancies, there must be 90 days notice of a rental increase of 5% or more over a 12 month time period unless the rental agreement specifies a longer period of time that notice must be given prior to the increase. See Portland City Code 30.01.085(C)

Penalties:   A landlord who fails to comply with Portland City Code 30.01.085 shall be liable to the tenant for an amount up to three months rent as well as actual damages, reasonable attorney fees and costs. See  Portland City Code 30.01.085(D)

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