2016 landlord law

2016 Changes Oregon Landlord / Tenant Law

The landlord tenant act changes annually.  2016 changes under the Oregon Landlord / Tenant act are outlined below:

Senate Bill 390, now law as of 1/1/16, addressed the following topics:

  • Municipal fees and utilites in relation to tenants under ORS 90.315
  • Fine assessments for knowingly renting an unsafe or illegal dwelling unit
  • Renters insurance policies under ORS 90.222
  • Damage caused due to domestic violence under ORS 90.325
  • HOA & COA fees in relation to tenants under ORS 90.302
  • Pet fees under ORS 90.302
  • ORS 90.160 has been updated to clarify notices expire at 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the notice period rather than at 12 midnight.
  • Notices of restitution under ORS 105.159 and ORS 105.151
  • Tenant’s failure to pay for damages in relation to utility fees, charges and deposits under ORS 90.412
  • Application of funds received from tenants under  ORS 90.220(9)(a)
  • Emergency exits under ORS 90.100
  • Damage due to acts of God ORS 90.453
  • Avoiding waiver when accepting payments ORS 90.412

House Bill 4143 passed March 15, 2016.  This prevents rental increases within the first year of a tenancy.  It also requires a 90-day notice of rental increases.

Proposed Bills  Only to Follow

House Bill 2573:  Involves tenants and electrical charging stations for vehicles.  Not passed as of 1/11/16.

House Bill 2689:  Tenant’s deposits and carpet cleaning.  Not passed as of 1/11/16.

House Bill 3494/2824:  Prohibits requiring pets to be declawed or devocalized by landlord.  Not passed as of 1/11/16

House Bill 3076:  Requires landlords to test well water.  Not passed as of 1/11/16

House Bill 3107:  Security deposits in relation to service animals. Not passed as of 1/11/16



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