2017 Landlord Law

Notice of February 2017 Portland City Code Changes for Landlords and Tenants

As of February 2, 2017, the Portland City Council passed additional protections for renters as outlined in chapter 30.01.085. With exceptions, the new amendments require landlords to pay moving costs of tenants evicted without cause and also for some rental increases. Penalties for failing to meet the new Portland statute may expose a landlord to penalties of 3 months rent, actual damages, relocation assistance, reasonable attorney fees, and costs.

All Oregon Attorneys are required to have malpractice insurance. If you, as a landlord, need help to provide notices to your tenants, you may call us at (503) 238-1010 and make an appointment. Paying our hourly rates as a preventative measure on the front-end could save you thousands of dollars on the back end.

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