Our Attorney fee rates to represent Oregon landlords are as follows:

  • $300.00 for the initial consultation
  • Standard hourly rate:  $400.00

Under ORS 90.255, attorney fees are reciprocal.  This means that if you lose you risk that your tenant’s attorney could be awarded their attorney fees and costs and place a lien on your property or engage in other collection activity.

Note:  Our rates are subject to change without notice on this site.

What to bring for your initial consultation:  Bring all relevant documents for review.

Why don’t we give free consultations?  Prospective clients frequently request free initial consultations.  We do not offer free consultations.  When you pay your consultation fee, you prevent us from representing your tenant.  In addition to the time spent on the consultation, every initial consultation requires establishing a new client file, performing conflict checks, and making records of the facts of the case and the advice given.  As Oregon Attorneys, we have malpractice insurance and we are liable for the advice we give and if we negligently give poor advice that results in a loss to one of our clients, we are insured.

If our firm hired an attorney that worked for free, we would go bankrupt, just like many landlords would go bankrupt if they didn’t charge rent for their rental units.  Sometimes we hear landlords say, “But I just have one just one quick question.”  If a medical doctor were to answer “quick” diagnostic questions to unknown patients over the phone, this would risk malpractice, just as it would with a lawyer.  Lawyers, like doctors, are responsible for the advice given and must review all relevant documents, ask follow-up questions and sometimes look up information to render an opinion.

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